Second Guessing

Hello! It's been a while again since my last post, so sorry again for that, I was just uninspired.

Spring is finally here and the warm days are back again, and I couldn't be more happier. A lot has changed since the last time I posted, and I can proudly say good bye to the night shifts since I started working at a new, much better place. I forgot how good it feels sleeping at night, made me appreciate it more.

So it was exam week, so one day after the exam my friend and I decided to check out the National Musem of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and like I said on instagram I was pleasantly surprised. Since I never visited it before I didn't know what to expect and It was amazing! It was the perfect place to take some pictures for todays post. We took these posts in the Botanical Garden in the Museum. There are so many beautiful things to see, I couldn't take pics inside since it's not allowed. I recommend that you visit it when you're in Sarajevo, it's one of the many "must visit" places if you ask me.

Lately I had a hard time with outfits, I am never fully happy with them, there's always something missing or something that I would change but I don't own that piece of clothing yet so I have to improvise, like for this outfit a denim jacket would be a much better choice and since I don't have It, a denim shirt had to do.

But anyway, I think I finally can say that I'm slowly coming back, and I promise that I'll try post more. Thank you.

Denim Shirt - H&M

Plaid Shirt - Calliope

T- Shirt - New Yorker

Shoes - New Yorker

The last breath of Winter

Winter is almost over and it's time to bring back some bright colours! I am not a fan of winter, especially the last few years since the temperatures are really low and there is almost no snow, and what's the poin of winter if you can't take some amazing pictures on snow. Just kidding, but a snowless winter isn't the best winter experience, well I guess for anyone. It was snowing actually a day before these pictures were taken, and as you can see everything is almost gone (it's completely gone now when i'm writing this post). About my outfit, I'm waring my favourite yellow pants, which I bought in New Yorker when I was in the 2nd High Shool year, and I stll love wearing them. I wore this pullower on my previous post, which I also bought in New Yorker (I used to love shopping in New Yorker, and I still do, so that's why many of my outfits have at least one item bought in New Yorker). The shoes also New Yorker. My white Marc O'Polo shirt was a gift, it's really comfortable. The watch is by [insert brand]. Btw I created my facebook related to this blog so make sure to like it and follow my latest posts there! Here's the link (it's still under construction though)

Shirt: Marc O'Polo
Pullover: New Yorker
Pants: New Yorker
Shoes: New Yorker
Jacket: Nickelson
Watch: Hublot

Sounds of Christmas

It's almost that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas is coming! I always enjoyed Christmas, and how lucky am I, because I'm celebrating two, meaning short family reunion twice, a house full of guests and a lot of exhaustion, which is all worth it in the end. I actually like to watch Harry Potter movies before Christmas, I've been a huge Potter fan since I was 6 years old, and It's like a tradition for me to watch all the 8 Harry Potter movies every year, before Christmas.
I don't go to any Christmas parties, don't even know if there are any real perties near me, but I will share with you this amazing Christmas Party guide which I received by the Black Tux. Does lunch with friends and dinner with family on Christmas Eve count as a party? Because I actually used this guide for that.
Here are a few pics before I share with you the guide.

Shirt: New Yorker
Pullover: New Yorker
Sweater:  New Yorker
Jacket: New Yorker
Pantes: New yorker
Shoes: Deichmann

Shirt: New Yorker
Jacket: Zara Man
Pants: Zara Man
Shoes: Deichmann

Jacket: H&M
Shirt: New Yorker
Pants: Tom Tailor
Shoes: Bugatti

The first two outfits are all me, but the third outfit was created by the guide, I think it could even look better if I had a belt (which somehow I couldn't find) and a few other accessories, but I still like it.
And finally here's the guide:

Once again, this amazing guide is by the Black Tux and if you decide to rent a tuxedo, just use code THEBLACKTUXNYE2016 at checkout for $20 off! But you better order fast, because the code expires on Dec 22.

I also want to credit David Kraljević Photography for these amazing photos he took of me, and Hair Salon Dany for this amazing hairstyle. 


Hello fashion lovers, it's that time of the month again when I find some free time and post on this blog! Last sunday my parents and I decided to take a trip and so we went to Zvornik, so I thought it would be a perfect place to take some photos. I actually expected to see snow, and take some snow pictures, because it's been snowing lately in Sarajevo,but to my surprise there wasn't any. The weather was still cold but it seemed more like spring time than winter time there. It was beautiful, and it even was a better opportunity to take some pics. It was a fun time, but the 3 hour ride was exhausting, but not exhausting as the mid-terms I had that week, let's hope I will pass at least something. Anyway, I'm wearing Fishbone (New Yorker) jeans, a really comfortable Fishbone jacket, The swater is by Angelo Litricio (C&A) and the shoes are from Deichmann.

Sweater - Angelo Litricio (C&A)
Jacker - Fishbone (New Yorker)
Jeans - Fishbone (New Yorker)
Shoes - Deichmann

Sweater Weather

Hello fashion lovers, what's up? Now that I have a job it's even harder to take pictures for this blog. I work 15 hour night shifts and when I come home in the morning all I want to do is sleep, of course. But luckily I did had a few minutes to take these photos. These past few days here have been chilly, but the sun is still up so i'm not complaining, perfect weather for a sweater.
I will keep it short today, so I hope you like it and have a nice day. 

Sweater - Nature
Jeans - Fishbone, New Yorker
Shoes - Supra

Woodrow Wilson

Hello fashion lovers, I'm back! Sorry it takes me this long to make posts for this blog, I try to post at least every 15-16 days, and it will probably be even harder for me since I got a job a few days ago and the work hours are long and exhausting, but at least it's better than nothing, right?
I can't believe it's November already, time flies so fast, it's almost 2016, wow. Anyway, we still got a few sunny days here and why not use them for good, like take pictures for future posts! I really hope this spring-ish weather in fall stays a little longer, I really don't like the cold. I styled the look with a brown pullover, a denim shirt, black pants and a pair of desert boots.

Pullover - Angelo Litrico, C&A
Denim Shirt - H&M
Pants - No brand
Shoes - Bugatti
Glasses - Ray Ban
Bag - Lonsdale


So it's raining again, but luckily we had two days of nice weather during which I had the time and will to take the photos for my post today.  I just love the sun and warm weather, it keeps me motivated, It keeps me doing things, like taking pictures for this blog, while it's the complete opposite during rainy days. I literally don't know what to say anymore, so I'll stop talking. Until next time ;) 

Plaid Shirt - Calliope
White shirt - Smog, New Yorker
Jeans - FSBN, New Yorker
Shoes - Deichmann